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I worked with a small team to redesign and rebranded a site for Hurom, a leading slow juicer company

Hurom manufactures high-end juicers with patented slow-juicing technology to produce juice with high yield and great taste. While Hurom was already established as a leader in the Korean market, cultural preconceptions around the slow-juice category made it difficult for them to break through as a strong competitor in the US. In just under three months, we redesigned the US site to increase conversion rates, position Hurom as a premium brand, and educate consumers on slow juicing benefits.

Designed at



Establish Hurom as a premium brand that produces high quality products 

Position Hurom as a leading competitor in the US markets 

Redesign and enhance the US site's e-commerce experience to increase conversion rates and make the top distribution channel



Lead Designer

Photography Direction

Photoshoot Planning

Branding for Web


Creating a Premium Look

After aligning on our goals, our next step was to rebrand Hurom USA to give it a premium feel. Inspired by the superior technology and design of Hurom's juicers, our design concept emphasized a sleek, minimal layout, refined typography, and large photography that highlights the product. Using this concept as a guide, I designed several key sections of the site to establish a look and feel that we presented to the Hurom team. This allowed them to get a sense of how the full site would look with this brand system in place. 


Educating Consumers on the Benefits of Slow Juicing

While Hurom is not widely known in the US, they’ve been developing their slow-juicing technology for the last 40 years. We created an informational page called "Why Hurom" to highlight their experience in the field and educate consumers on the benefits of slow juicing. Our user experience designer organized the content into low fidelity wireframes which I then translated into simple, digestible visuals. The page includes testimonials for social proof and value propositions to highlight the attributes that set Hurom apart from it's competitors.


Planning and Directing the Photoshoot

In addition to giving a fresh look and new brand messaging, we had the opportunity to manage and art direct the photoshoot for their new line of juicers. I took the lead on the art direction for the photos and organized a shot list to determine which juice and ingredients would be paired with each juicer. From there, I worked with the photographer on set to ensure the final composition and lighting matched our intended look. 

Extending the Brand through Marketing Efforts

Since launching the new site in June, we've continued to grow the Hurom brand through various digital marketing strategies including email campaigns, facebook ads and landing pages for SEO and conversion funnel purposes. For example, I recently designed a landing page that includes Hurom's recommended juice recipes. We're using facebook ads to drive traffic directly to this landing page, as a way to engage users who may not intially be familiar with the Hurom brand or specifically seeking out a new juicer.

In just a few months these efforts have led to over 30,000 new visitors to the site, over 3,000 new email subscribers and a noticeable increase in conversions made directly on 







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